Ziua Independenţei

27 august 2017

  Un eveniment, care a reusit, datorita combinarii eficiente a eforturilor intregii echipe de angajati ai aparatului Presedintelui raionului Soldanesti, sefilor sectiilor si directiilor Consiliului raional Soldanesti, pecum si conducatorii serviciilor desconcentrate si descentralizate, a institutiilor si organizatiilor din or. Soldanesti. Un aport considerabil la desfasurarea evenimentului l-au adus autoritatile publice de nvelul I – […]

17 ianuarie 2016

Celine Outlet Holes are celine outlet florida drilled in the chair legs and side stretchers at the appropriate angles, which are established using bevel gauges as the chair is being constructed. The stretchers are made between 1/8″ and 1/4″ longer than the distance between the legs or side stretchers plus the depth of the mortises, […]

12 octombrie 2015

my explanation 4. Spicy Strawberry GazpachoGazpacho has long been one of our favorite dishes in the warmer months: This summer soup is cool, crisp and refreshing. We started experimenting a while back with dishes like watermelon gazpacho and cantaloupe gazpacho, but our hearts truly soared when we stumbled upon this sweet and spicy strawberry gazpacho.. […]