Want a brown leather belt with aqua rhinestones and silver

1 martie 2015

Over on Wild West Way, Roberto Heredia is making belts the way shoppers like them at Paparazzi Designs (Booth D12098). Want a brown leather belt with aqua rhinestones and silver starbursts? No problem. In the market for a black and white cowhide belt decorated with opal conchos? Yep, Heredia can do that, too..

cheap jewelry The women line runs the gamut from delicate drop stone earrings to dramatic cuff bracelets inset with diamonds. New for spring is the Flora collection, which has pieces in a floral motif ringed by pink tourmalines, blue topaz, purple iolite cabochons and cultured pearls. Most items for men and women sell for $500 to $2,500.. cheap jewelry

fake jewelry „It’s amazing how many people have connections to and memories of, that store,” says Kevin Flood, whose book, „Remembering G. Fox Co.” will be published in May by History Press. „It had everything from a pharmacy to a fur salon. What do you like most about what you do? I like the customer connection. The personal aspect of seeing someone connect with a piece and love it enough to take it home or give it as a gift. Sometimes I meet someone who then brings me an element they want incorporated in a piece. fake jewelry

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