They famously came up with the idea for Solexa sequencing over

29 aprilie 2014

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Replica Handbags If they think any or all of these suggestions are a good idea and have the potential to improve the Championships, then support them. If not, then don’t. But do not support or oppose them on the basis of the fixtures mess that is a red herring.. Cambridge’s Solexa DNA sequencing pioneers honoured by the Royal SocietyHuge impact on healthcare recognisedProfessor Shankar Balasubramanian and Professor David Klenerman have been jointly awarded a royal medal for their co development of DNA sequencing techniques.The pair co founded city firm Solexa to develop the replica designer backpacks method, which has made routine human genome sequencing a reality, and proved transformative for biology and genomic medicine. They famously came up with the idea for Solexa sequencing over a few pints in the Panton Arms in Cambridge.Professor Balasubramanian said: “I feel hugely honoured to be awarded the Royal Medal and it is humbling to see the previous recipients. I am deeply thankful to the many co workers and collaborators who have made my scientific explorations so enjoyable and fruitful and continue to do so.”US giant brings gene sequencing centre to CambridgeSolexa was sold to US firm Illumina in 2007 Replica Handbags.