So ghetto lol but hey that what we did 20 years ago

11 martie 2015

The fact they have scored just 20 goals and shipped 21, leaving them as the only top ten side with a minus goal difference, highlights the problems they are having at both ends and need for them to be active in January.At least one centre back is essential but designer replica luggage they could really do with two who are capable of hitting the ground running.They failed to buy a right winger in the summer so that position still needs filling and now none of their striker options look up to the job.The top four is already looking a tough ask. Fail to fill the gaps by the end of January and you can write them off.The backing or perhaps lack of that Mourinho receives when the window reopens may also provide huge clues about his prospects long term.Man Utd hold Lorenzo Pellegrini transfer talks ahead of January windowManchester United Neil Moxley The question implies that we are discussing teams who are under performing.If clubs are living up to their expectations, then there’s no need to do any business, right?You could easily point to the bottom end and say Huddersfield Town and Cardiff City need some work. There would be few arguments.Personally, I’d like to see Rafa Benitez given a break at Newcastle not because he is under delivering he’s actually over performing given a net transfer spend of not very much.But that doesn’t really answer the question.On that basis you surely need to look at Manchester United and ask Jose Mourinho what he needs to put the fizz back into life at Old Trafford.The reason why legions of fans were drawn to the club in the first place was its commitment to exciting football.It’s about as much fun as staring for hours on end at a slag heap on a rainy day at the moment.You get the feeling that there is only so much the fan base will stand and, while they aren’t yet at tipping point, they need a reason to believe the good times are on their way back.For their sake, and the manager’s, Ed Woodward, the holder of the purse strings, needs to relax them, if possible, in a couple of months’ time.Gary Neville’s honest opinion on Jordan Pickford amid Man Utd rumoursWest Ham Matt Lawless Naturally, as a Hammer, I’d like to see West Ham spend again.

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