“She continued: “Protests stem from a population who feel they

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wholesale replica designer handbags Most are demands for greater economic opportunities jobs, housing and political rights.”She continued: “Protests stem from a population who feel they are being treated as second class citizens, not because they have different interpretations of the Quran.”Are we seeing sectarian tensions in Bahrain between Sunnis and Shiites?”Yes. Unfortunately we are,” says Kinninmont.Although the ruling family https://www.replicaforubags.com in Bahrain is Sunni, Shiite Muslims make up about two thirds of the population. A longstanding distrust of the Shiite population by the ruling family is one of the overriding reasons for the tension, says Kinninmont.Many Shiites have complained of ingrained discrimination against their community, she said, adding: “Some of these allegations seem to be true, such as Shiite Muslims not being recruited into the army or being excluded from some of the top government jobs.”But, although grievances are not about religion, Kinninmont believes the situation is becoming increasingly polarized, with many people dividing along religious lines.There is a danger, she says, continued sectarian tensions will make it difficult to come up with a compromise that will end the unrest and allow Bahrain to proceed with democratic reforms.. wholesale replica designer handbags

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