Mais toute cette situation tellement s qu n avait aucune autre

8 septembrie 2014

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high quality replica handbags Maximize work in local communities.C.4: Wages: Eliminate the CTI and provide significant wage increase with full retroactivity and a cost of living allowance.C.5: Reduce the Wage Gap: Reduce the number of increment levels and raise minimum wage levels.C.6: Education Fund: Increase the education fund.C.7: Benefit Plans: Improve benefit plans including the dental plan, extended health care plan, vision and hearing plan and life insurance for both active employees and retirees.C.8: Domestic Violence: Provide protections and support for employees facing situations of domestic violence.C.9: Injury on Duty: Provide for 100% pay in cases of injury on duty and stop CPC from clawing back payments where there is no instance of fraud.C.10: Article 20: improve Article 20, including the addition of paid sick leave with no reduction of personal days.C.11: Maternity, Parental and Compassionate Care Leaves: Improve maternity, parental and compassionate care leaves.C.12: Precautionary Cessation of Work: Pregnant and breastfeeding employees shall be entitled to precautionary cessation of work.C.13: Night Recovery Leave and Premiums: Improvements to night recovery leave for all groups and increase night and evening shift premiums.C.14: Special best replica designer bags Leave: Eliminate the requirement to exhaust all personal days prior to accessing special leave.C.15: Social Stewards: Recognition of the rights of social stewards in the collective agreement.C.16: Access to information: Clarify the obligation replica bags online of CPC to provide the union with all information necessary for the enforcement of the collective agreement; such as information on issues related to staffing, Maximo, mail volumes, payments and finances, work measurement systems, and health and safety.C.17: Reduce Overburdening: Adopt all necessary measures to reduce overburdening of RSMC and letter carriers including overburdening created by the delivery of admail.C.18: RSMC and Letter Carrier Workload replica designer bags wholesale and Work Process: Provide time values to combine sequenced mail with final sort mail to create a single tie out. Obtain appropriate time values for all work including delivery of parcels and pick ups.C.19: Union Observers: Ensure union has the right replica designer backpacks to observers at every step of the entire restructuring process at equal numbers to the Employer, paid by the Employer. No implementation of a restructure if a grievance is filed.C.20: Maintain Contract Provisions: Renew all provisions to ensure they continue to best replica bags online apply until the expiry of the collective agreement.C.21: Five Minute Wash Up: Obtain a high end replica bags five minute wash up period at the end of a shift.C.22: Green Canada Post Operations and Reduce Emissions with New Services: Require CPC to take measures to reduce its environmental footprint, initiate new environmental services and negotiate joint environmental sustainability committees.C.23: Filling of vacancies: Vacant positions shall be filled as they occur high quality replica handbags.