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23 ianuarie 2015

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moncler jackets Picture: AP Photo/Moises CastilloSource:APIt spewed more ash and hot rock in October, prompting warnings for the nearby communities.The biggest danger from the volcano are lahars, a mixture of ash, rock, mud and debris, that can bury entire towns.Four shelters have been set moncler jacket sale up for evacuees. Dora Caal, 26, and five members of her family took refuge under a nylon tent at a sports stadium in the nearby town of Escuintla.Residents of several communities nearby the erupting Fuego volcano, arrive at a temporary shelter. Picture: Johan Ordonez/AFPSource:AFPResidents prepare to evacuate their homes Picture: AP Photo/Moises CastilloSource:APnight we heard the volcano roar, you could see fire, we couldn sleep, said Caal, whose town of El Rodeo was largely evacuated.dawn we said we better get out, we were afraid, Caal said as the sun beat down fiercely at the improvised shelter moncler jackets.