AnTuTu gave us 114,096 points, and Geekbench’s single and

6 februarie 2014

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Average holds you back from growth and keeps you in your comfort zone. While I admit I do find a measure of relaxation in my comfort zone, I will have to also admit if I graphed the time in my career when I grew the least, it was the same time I found myself in a comfortable routine. I liked the routine, but I hated the lack of growth.

Celine Outlet Benchmark scores were very high, thanks to the Snapdragon 636 processor. Other than Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5 Pro, the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 doesn’t have much competition in its price band. AnTuTu gave us 114,096 points, and Geekbench’s single and multi core results were 1,330 and 4,755 respectively. Celine Outlet

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