A group of Republicans in the House of Representatives have

17 octombrie 2014

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replica hermes belt uk Confirmation Bias. That when one screens out data that doesn support a business case or a preconception. Anyone who ever done a sales presentation knows all about this. But that’d be tough to know if you watched Fox News most nights, or scrolled through the president’s Twitter feed. A group of Republicans in the House of Representatives have even drafted articles of impeachment against Rosenstein. Trump, who previously implied Rosenstein was a Democrat,tweeted Wednesday that he might „have no choice but to use the powers granted to the Presidency and get involved!” implying that he could fire Rosenstein and perhaps shut down the special counsel investigation he oversees best hermes replica handbags that has already taken down a number of Trump associates.. replica hermes belt uk

Update: DH picked her up because she was screaming over the phone that she needs a ride to the hotel. I didn’t go. DH went straight to the airport from work. „Independents were certainly willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt when he entered office,” Miringoff said, „but on issues like the direction of the country and the economy, they’ve really soured on him. It’s hard for someone like him to make a second impression. Independents have come to the conclusion that what you see is what you get.”.

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