[32]She played Armida Miserere a high security warden in Like

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dresses sale The role was eventually played by Valentina Cervi.[29]In 2006 Theodoros Angelopoulos cast her in The Dust of Time (2008) after being impressed by Golino’s work in Respiro. However the many delays in the shooting forced her to drop out of the project in late 2007 for scheduling conflicts.[30] She was replaced by Irne Jacob.In 2009 she was the subject of the monograph Valeria Golino: Respiro d’attrice by Massimo Causo.[31]The following year she was offered the chance to direct a short film by the company Pasta Garofalo, Armandino e il Madre, for which she also wrote the script.Golino’s first feature film as director sunglasses for women, Honey (2013), was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and won a commendation from the Ecumenical Jury.[32]She played Armida Miserere a high security warden in Like the Wind (2013) directed by Marco Simon Puccioni a difficult leading role praised by the critics and awarded in festival.Despite her self deprecating reluctance, she also sang in several films, most notably her English language films Hot Shots! and Big Top Pee Wee. She also recorded two LPs in 1987,[33] the song ‘Maybe Once More’ for L’inverno and ‘Piangi Roma’ for Giulia Doesn’t Date at Night (featuring Baustelle), the latter of which won her a Silver Ribbon award for Best Song.[34] dresses sale.